8 Things You Should Never Compromise On In A Relationship

Kirstie Taylor
4 min readJan 18, 2020
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Getting into a romantic relationship with another human being is complicated.

You both have your own thoughts, beliefs, backgrounds, and past experiences. Merging those into one, cohesive relationship comes with some work.

But while a relationship is about understanding and sometimes giving instead of getting, there are a few things you should never compromise in a relationship.

In my current relationship, things just work. We have the same end goals in life, we communicate well. But that’s a far cry from my past relationships. I compromised everything from seeing my friends to my values. I even once agreed to a casual relationship, even though that’s far from what I was comfortable with.

Flexibility is essential in a relationship, but only to a certain extent. When you start to compromise on things that make you who you are, that’s when the relationship becomes unhealthy.

For a happy, healthy relationship, make sure never to compromise on these things:

Your Friends And Family

A great partner is going to be accepting of your friends, even if they’re not jumping at every chance to hang out with them.

Those friends that we all know, the ones that become non-existent in relationships, aren’t doing themselves any favors. Maintaining your friendships and seeing your family is part of any healthy relationship, and your partner should be encouraging that.

Anyone that asks you to cut ties with those closest to you is trying to control your life. My advice: run.

Big Life Decisions

These include things like marriage and kids.

If you want children one day and your partner doesn’t, there’s never going to be a compromise that works. You’ll either miss out on a huge part of life, or your partner will have something forced upon them that they don’t want (and if that’s a kid, I can’t imagine that scenario ever ending well).

So don’t settle for a relationship where your views differ on big life decisions. There’s someone out there that’s going to align with you on these choices.



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