And that’s OK.

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Somehow we got it stuck in our heads that if we’re single, we should be dating.

I was a serial monogamist up until a few years ago. I jumped from relationship to relationship without much thought. …

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First dates get a bad rep with a lot of people. They’re thought of as an awkward obstacle; you just have to get past them to move on, hopefully, to more fun-filled dates in the future.

But that’s not dating’s fault; it’s yours.

If you think first dates are weird…

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After talking to hundreds of people about their relationships (both present and past), I’m convinced we all have no clue what we're doing.

I mean, think about it: two people coming together to figure out how to live their lives cohesively isn’t an easy endeavor. …

You deserve someone who feels right.

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For over the past decade, I’ve been in one relationship after another. I’ve told a total of eight men I loved them. Yet here I am, with only one man.

I don’t say any of those to incite pride. If anything, I feel my serial monogamy did me more harm…

Compatibility matters, but timing is a close second.

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Three years ago, I texted my boyfriend to let him know I didn’t want to date anymore. A year later, we went on a second first date. A few months ago, we celebrated our two-year anniversary.

I don’t say this for congratulatory, “you made it to two years!”; I bring…

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Emotions matter. They guide us when making decisions. They keep us safe when faced with potential danger. They make relationships more enjoyable and help us process traumatic events.

Like it or not, emotions affect our lives. Greatly. Every single day.

You can either deny that fact and shove your emotions…

As long as you’re happy.

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This week, I had two moments of doubt in my relationship.

The first came after I uploaded a Tiktok. I posted it to help people who don’t view sex as a top priority in their relationship feel like they’re not alone. …

Don’t make decisions out of fear.

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When you think about your love life thus far, has it been filled with a lot of over-thinking, self-doubt, and anxiety? If so, chances are you have an anxious attachment style.

That’s exactly how I used to be. I’d stare at my phone, waiting for my dates to text me…

When you ignore feelings, you give them more power.

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I hate calling myself emotionally mature. Partly because, at times, I still act like a child. But mostly because it makes me sound like I think I’m holier than thou.

That’s far from the case.

I gained the emotional maturity I have today through a lot of pain. That might…

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Love is what makes life worth living.

Or at least, that’s what I was told as someone who grew up in the ’90s; this sentiment about love seemed to be everywhere.

Disney movies involved women being saved by knights in shining armor. My friends and I lived for the day…

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