Baby Steps are the Key to Success

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Write down a game-plan

Knowing the end goal is still important; just don’t let it hold you back. You want to see what you’re working towards and how to get there.

  1. Contact programs for information
  2. Plan when you’ll have free time to work on the course
  3. Start the course
  4. Complete your certification
  5. Begin looking for new jobs
  6. Quit your old job

Reward Yourself for Each Completed Baby Step

If all you celebrate is when you reach the end goal, you could easily fall back into the trap of feeling overwhelmed. Your goal may take a bit of time to accomplish.

Baby steps are conducive to organization

Are you the type of person that tends to be all over the place? Hi! That’s me as well.

Hold Yourself Accountable Through Others

I mentioned this in my podcast anecdote but telling people about my dreams was a game-changer. I no-longer secretly harbored my desires. Everyone that was close to me knew about my podcast dreams.

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