Figure Out Your Writing Voice Along the Way

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I began to really pursue writing at the beginning of this year.

I wrote here and there for my various blogs throughout my life, but I never considered myself a straight up “writer” until very recently.

So now that I’m pursuing writing as a career, I read all of these articles that promise to “step up” my writing game or help me land the coveted curation here on Medium.

All these articles have a few things in common: pick a niche, speak from experience, and write in your own voice. But wait, what if I don’t know what my writing voice is?

I hate the idea of being put into one category. I one time had a friend describe me as a “bubbly” person, and that threw me for a spin like nothing else. Bubbly? Sarcastic, maybe. Humourous.. well of course. But, bubbly? I did not resonate with that.

At the same time, I had another friend that said to me, “your writing is so serious, but you’re so funny in person.” Again, making me question the style of my writing altogether.

Because I love writing with sarcasm in pieces when I feel like it works. But sometimes I feel a bit more poetic and want to sew together sentences that evoke emotions humor just couldn’t do justice.

But in all of this questioning and wonder, I still write.

Because if there’s one way I’ll never figure out my writing voice, it’s by sitting and thinking about what my style should be.

Instead, I choose to write.

I test out the water with every article I write. I try out different ways of conveying my ideas; I see which forms flow with ease or instead feel forced and unnatural.

I don’t limit myself to only one style and neither should you.

Like our writing, we are not one label. We are not merely serious or easy-going, or terse.

Sometimes we feel sad or angry. Other times we feel exuberant and ecstatic. Does that mean we should only write when we feel one way? Should we only convey our message in the tight little box that we construct for our style?

And even if we do pick one style, sometimes we’re wrong. You could think that humor is the way to go for you, only to write a story that feels cheesier than a middle school pizza party. Now that, that was cheesy.

You’re not going to know your writing style right off the back, and that’s ok.

If you start writing in a particular voice and change your mind, people most likely won’t notice too much. And, if they do, your love for your craft is more important than any person’s opinion.

So don’t wait for all the answers to come to you. Don’t wait for the moment that you’re sure of your capabilities. Don’t expect to wake up one day knowing your exact writing voice.

Start now. Write. And trust that one day, without even realizing, you’ll have developed your own unique writing voice.

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