Four Practical Reasons a Potential Relationship Fails

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I took the liberty of mapping that on Google for you all to figure out the distance. Our relationship didn’t progress to going to each other’s places — and I’m unfortunately not a stalker (though that may have made for a better story) — so I just mapped to the epicenter of Hollywood.

So receiving the text explaining that he likes me but doesn’t see the distance working out, was actually not a huge shocker. I’m pretty focused on my career, so I don’t need the distraction of sitting in LA traffic anyways.

End Goals

One of these labels is what they’re looking for in dating. The options are “Something Casual,” “Don’t Know Yet,” and “Relationship.”

Where They Want To Live

If someone is dead-set on staying in LA, I would have to seriously consider if the relationship could work out in the long-run.


To add to this, the person’s career goals are also worth noting. I’m very ambitious and want to be with someone that is too. I want to push them to be their best, and I expect the same in return.

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