How To Tap Back Into Your Inner Creative

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From the moment we open our mouths as babies we are shushed.

When we are kids and talk too much, we are told to shut up.

In school, it was rare for a teacher to want us to produce a creative thought. Instead, we are told to memorize and repeat. But on the rare occasion that our creativity isn’t suppressed, were magically supposed to conjure up an original thought on demand.

We are born into this world curious and happy. We want to learn. We want to please. We want to laugh, dance, play sing.

Until the moment someone tells us that isn’t ok. Until a parent gives us an embarrassed look. Until we are yelled at, being told to act normal.

Life literally shuts off that tap into our inner creative.

But it’s still down there — though deeply buried under expectations, rules, and experiences. We can still dig it back up; if we are brave enough.

Because our inner child never dies; they were simply pushed away into a dark corner. And all of our creativity — the kind we had before society told us it wasn’t important — is held within that inner child.

So how do we connect with that part of us again?

Think about why they may be hurt. Why creativity was made to seem unimportant to them. Consider why you were ever made to believe that the things that lit your soul on fire weren’t what mattered most in life.

Then tell that child that all those reasons are bullsh*t.

Creativity does matter. Society is just a faulty system that won’t function properly if we all pursue our creative desires.

Nurture that child. Tell them it’s ok to love what they do.

When you were a kid and a day off from school, what did you love to do? Did you go outside — run, climb trees, catch lizards?

Did you draw all types of magical fantasy scenarios in your head? From dragons to dogs with three heads to being an astronaut in space.

What is it that you loved to do?

I don’t care how long its been since you last painted; just start painting. Paint the first thing that comes to your mind — hell, paint a whole piece of paper one color! I don’t care how you start — just start.

Because after such a long time of not doing something, it’s understandably scaring to begin again. And I was fed the lie that if I wasn’t good at something, it wasn’t worth doing.

For years I would put off my drawing because I saw people online that were so much better than me. I read about how a craft needs to be practiced every day to become an expert.

But is creativity black and white? You either are an expert, or you don’t do it at all?

Hell no.

Your not pursuing your creative endeavors to make a living off them — unless you are then more power to you!

You’re tapping back into your creativity to instill a sense of happiness and excitement again. To free the part of you that society said wasn’t important.

So I don’t care where you start; but for goodness sake, please just start.

Ok, maybe every day is a far stretch, but I really wish that wasn’t the case. If something makes us happy, we deserve to pursue it every day — even if only for 20 minutes.

But I will settle for a couple of times a week or just on the weekends. But trust me when I say, the time needs to be planned out.

Life is a busy mess of plans, responsibilities, and unplanned events. If we don’t plan to stop and make time for the things that matter, we will let them fall to the wayside.

Which is kind of a crazy thing to think about — I mean, I know we have to deal with work and other responsibilities — but isn’t it crazy we put in so much effort to the things we don’t really like but allow the things we love so little time?

So set aside a 30-minute — although an hour or two would be better — to let your creative flag fly free.

Be proud of the music you make. Be proud of the flower you painted. Be proud of the model train you built and is now zooming around your garage floor.

Allow yourself the admiration you were never given as a child. Give yourself the creative support you so greatly deserved.

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