How To Tell If It’s Time To End Your Relationship

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The Bad Outweighs The Good

Back in college, I was a soldier. I went to school full-time with an extra class on top of that. I managed a part-time job that I braved the Los Angeles traffic to get to. I ran a vegan food blog that required a constant flow of content. I secretly struggled with an eating disorder. And I came home every day to an emotionally abusive relationship.

You Have Different Values

I once dated a man who favored getting high and proving himself to the world over eating healthy and enjoying the present.

You Have Vastly Different Life Goals

From what I’ve heard, differing opinions on marriage is quite the deal-breaker. I’ve never been in that position, but it’s pretty clear why that is.

The Voice Inside Your Head Is Saying “Run”

Elizabeth Gilbert described laying on the ground in her bathroom floor, eyes filled with tears. Her inner voice kept saying “leave” when she would think about her marriage. Which prompted the whole premise to Eat, Pray, Love.

You Often Daydream About Cheating

There’s one thing to have a little office fantasy. There’s another to have that fantasy every day.

Your Significant Other Is Emotionally Abusive

Emotional abuse is as unacceptable as verbal abuse. In fact, it’s even more threatening to your well-being because it often goes undetected.

Your Partner Has Closed Off Or Given Up

You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped. At some point, you have to realize if you’re the only one fighting for the relationship.

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