Instead of Seeking Comfort in Others, I’m Finding Comfort in Myself

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I made a promise, and I stuck to it

Ok, I basically almost stuck to it. I went on a few dates. But, that was never against the whole “stay single for six months” promise. Any form of a relationship never came to fruition.

I accepted the bad times would come

There’s no point in living in a fantasy world. Things will be hard. You’ll slip up. You’ll cry. You’ll cry a lot.

I tried every form of self-care and wrote down the ones that worked

I used to assume I liked certain things: baths, hiking, face masks.

I stopped putting so much goddamn pressure on myself

I worried about what other people thought. I worried about where I was in life given my age. I worried about getting enough exercise while eating right while keeping in touch with friends while drinking enough water and putting in the work for my career change.

I allowed myself rest

This goes hand in hand with the piece of advice above, but I allowed myself literal rest. Such as going to bed earlier, taking a day off the gym, or allowing myself to watch TV, so my mind wasn’t racing with thoughts about what was upsetting me.

I still do the work; I know this isn’t the end

Just because I’m finally running back to myself for comfort, doesn’t mean the work is over. It’s easy to slip back into old habits. And to be honest, I don’t see myself ever stopping all of this.

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