It’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week and It’s About Time I Write About Mine

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Medium is a mode of therapy for me. If there is something rather upsetting that happens in my life or a quirky situation that occurs, I write it all out on here. I’ve also written about deep, traumatic events that I went through in the past. I have an actual therapist but, damn, there’s just something about writing that I love.

So lately I’ve been hearing a nagging voice in my head asking why I haven’t written about the one thing that has impacted my life the most. The part of my life that, without a doubt, has shaped me into the woman I am today.
I don’t know why. So here I go.

I suffered from an eating disorder for the past seven years. At first, it began as restricting my food, then it became purging m food, then a short stint at trying to recover, followed by full-blown binge-eating.

To be exact, throughout those years I was formally diagnosed with Anorexia, Orthorexia, and Bulimia. Just a nice little melting pot of disordered eating wrapped up into one big waste of my early 20’s.

I’ve shared my experience on Instagram, contributed to a disordered eating art gallery, and walked with NEDA’s at their eating disorder awareness walk.
But for some reason, I haven’t mentioned it on here. I bare my struggle with depression and less than flattering dating stories, but when it comes to my eating disorder, I guess I couldn’t find the words to talk about it.

Once a year I get passionate about the work the recovery community does and how everyone bands together in support. That week is this week: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

So what better time than now to finally reveal that part of my past?
I talk about my past not to evoke pity from people. I don’t need sympathy. I pitied myself for far too long, and I am at a stable point in my recovery where I am no longer sad.

I share my experience to help other people that are in a position I was once in. To let people that are struggling know that they’re not alone. To help them realize that, in the depth of an eating disorder, there is hope. Things will get better. I want to be that light for people.

When I was recovering, I thought there was no way in hell that my relationship with food would ever change. Then I came across people online that described their struggles with disordered eating and how they were able to heal.

I actually started to see what hope looked like, which changed everything. I had none at that point, and the stories these strangers shared gave me what I needed.

Everyone deserves to get better. Everyone deserves a healthy relationship with food. More importantly, though, everyone deserves to heal those wounds that the eating disorder is covering up.

So here’s to talking about the hard stuff. Can’t wait to share more about this with you guys. Feel free to share your stories too.

In the meantime, if you or anyone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please reach out to someone — a friend, family neighbor, or colleague. NEDA also has numerous resources for receiving help including a hotline. You can find that information here.

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