Knowing Your Significance Instead of Fighting For It

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I recently had the pleasure of talking with Caleb Campbell on my podcast. Having been a marine, NFL Football player, and member of the US Olympic’s Tobogganing team, Caleb knows a thing or two about working hard.

But there’s a point in your life where you have to ask yourself: when you go to bed at night, do you feel like you’re fighting for significance or do you know your worth?

We’re conditioned to think the hustle is what life is all about. Strive for fame, money, success, and then people will see how much you’re worth.

But while you’re pursuing those external goals, you end up losing sight of what matters most to you.

Somewhere along the line, we are all ingrained with fear and pain. We subconsciously make choices from these places of pain, and for some, never realizing that’s the case.

But what it comes down to is being vulnerable with yourself. Are you living to prove yourself to others or are you happy with who you are?

I know that’s not an easy question to answer to yourself. I pursued two careers, one in coding and one in tech recruiting because I thought it would be impressive to other people.

More precisely, people I went to high school with. Because for some reason, the opinion of people I hadn’t seen in eight years mattered a lot.

But when my technical recruiting job started to unravel, I had to really ask myself: Was I living a life I loved or just trying to flaunt a well-paying job?
And the answer to that is scary. What if you aren’t happy?

For many, that starts with the job they have. And for many, quitting a career can seem like the biggest failure and scariest moment of your life.

But I believe that living a life to please others is scarier. Living the only life we have on this planet for anyone else, but ourselves is scary.

When did the “pursuit of happiness” start to look like forgoing what actually makes us happy?

But this all begins with being vulnerable with yourself; answering the hard questions.

Because yes, creating radical changes in your life is intimidating — well worth it, but beyond scary.

But you’re not able to do that until you own up to your current state. You’re either going to bed feeling you authentically lived the day, or you’re closing your eyes with deep-rooted unhappiness lingering inside.

If you want to hear more from Caleb Campbell about understanding trauma, owning your pain, and creating a new narrative for your life, listen to his episode on The Wellness Hustle Podcast.

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