Tips On How I Consistently Make $4,000 A Month On Medium

A look at my year on this spectacular platform.

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This month marked a year of me writing on Medium. I figured now is as good a time as ever to write about my success here.

I started writing on Medium in January 2019. I never thought by January 2020 I’d be making over $4,000 a month.

A friend suggested I start writing on this platform at the end of 2018. I had never heard of Medium, so I brushed off the suggestion. But during Christmas Eve that year, my dad suggested I make a “site” (lol) on Medium, too.

Well, that sparked my interest enough to check out the website. At the time, I quit my technical recruiting job. I applied for a nannying gig that would pay for my bills and give me free time to pursue another career. I still had no idea what I wanted that to be, but I at least knew I liked writing.

So while I figured out my career, I decided to give this thing called “Medium” a shot.

Fast-forward a year, and I am pursuing writing full-time, love all the pieces I write and am going on my third month of making over $4,000, just from Medium.

While there are plenty of articles on how to succeed with this platform, I want to share my own experience. Because I’m not here to sugar-coat things.

Writing about dating and relationships comes with its own nuanced means of success, and it’s about time I share them.

1. Read every article you can about formats that succeed on Medium.

The way you format your articles and write your titles matter on Medium. Period.

When I first joined this platform, I googled, “How to write articles that do well on Medium.” I researched everything I could about the platform. I adopted a format of writing articles that clearly did well on this site.

In other words, I gave myself a head start. I didn’t write or navigate Medium by trial and error, I had a game plan coming in (though I never thought I’d make much money from here). With that being said, I only gave myself a few days to do this research.

Don’t let this research make you procrastinate. At some point, you just need to start. Write your first article and hit “publish.”

2. Write from personal experience and be detailed.

When people mention my writing to others, they talk about how open I am about my past struggles.

I’ve been gifted (or cursed?) with a complete lack of a filter. I credit it to the years of individual and group therapy. I’m an expert at telling my story.

I genuinely think this is the biggest reason I’ve experienced the kind of success I have. I read comments all the time from people that resonate or have gone through similar situations as what I write.

Writing from your own experiences creates an article that can’t be replicated; only you can tell that story. Plus, you’re developing a writing voice that’s exclusively yours. So no matter what you write about, make sure to tie in a personal narrative.

3. Give it time, give it consistency.

Did you notice that I said this kind of success took me a year? It wasn’t a steady build-up either. I saw exponential growth from September 2019 onwards. That means I made less than $300 a month on Medium for the majority of my year.

I never got into writing on this platform for the money. I never thought in a million years I’d be making the equivalent of a full-time income through this website.

But my love for writing and diving into my own relationship foibles kept me going. After a while, and over a hundred articles, I started to make some great earnings.

So if you want to be successful, you have to be in it for the long-haul. Plain and simple.

4. Curation and publications matter.

With all the changes that happened on Medium in October, people wonder if things like curation and publications still matter.

In my experience, yes, they both do.

At the end of the day, you want the most amount of people reading your articles. While writing a stellar article is great, the fact is, curation and publications will get them even further.

The articles I’ve written with over 60,000 views were ones that were not only curated but in publications too. The holy grail with writing on Medium is when your article goes viral. That’s going to happen through either curation or a publication.

At the end of the day, success on Medium is based on one thing: writing. If you don’t love to write, you’re not going to be successful. Just like anything, you need to have a keen interest.

But if you love to write and have experiences and passions that interest you, shoot your shot. Medium is an excellent platform for indie writers — a term I first saw Shannon Ashley use — to make money writing about whatever they please.

The mindset of Medium as a “journey” always worked well for me. You never know what could happen, but if you do things right, you can love the journey every bit of the way.

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