Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem After A Toxic Relationship

Kirstie Taylor
6 min readNov 19, 2019
Photo by Tran Huynh Nam from Pexels

A relationship is a tricky place to allow your self-worth to reside. But it’s easy to let our sense of self be intertwined with our significant other without even realizing it. I’ve done it plenty of times.

This is isn’t the worst thing, though I’d argue you should work on loving yourself sans your partner’s approval.

The real problem with this is when you’re in a relationship with a toxic person; they can tear down your feeling of self-worth to the point that’s incredibly damaging and threatening to your mental sanity.

I’ve been in this exact situation. I let myself get wrapped up with my live-in boyfriend when I was in college. He was manipulative and ultimately left me as a shell of my former self when things finally ended. I felt insecure and completely drained of any self-confidence.

But the good news is, there’s hope to rebuild your self-esteem. It’s completely viable to become as confident (if not more) than you were before your toxic relationship.

It just takes a bit of reframing your mindset, intentional self-care, and investing in the person that matters most: yourself.

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