This is a great perspective into the self-help/wellness field.

I came to the same crossroad when I started to pursue a career in self-help. I thought I wanted to be a Nutritionist. Then I quickly realized that neither a masters, nor any training for that matter, was needed to practice as a “nutritionist”.

The lack of regulation and plethora of online courses and webinars was extremely disheartening. I didn’t want to feel like another people spewing out information that I wasn’t an expert in.

Then I started to zoom out and look at the industry as a whole.

The majority is all marketing and selling to people’s visceral want to change. I too was one of those people buying someone’s online course, never finishing it, and then buying another course.

All to end up using maybe one trick and overall, wasting my money.

I admire that you are able to call out the industry for what it is and still be able to find ethical ways to help others. People do need insight — they can always use a helping hand.

Putting in the work is key; not another book or course.

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