Why I Sleep With My Phone on Airplane Mode Every Night

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On a good night, you’ll find me in bed around 10 pm, reading a James Patterson novel amidst the red light emitted from my color-changing light bulbs.

Around that time, I religiously reach for my phone, swipe up on the screen, and turn it to airplane mode. I do this on my phone every night; I never miss one.

I guess I have Dave Asprey to thank (blame?) for this habitual nighttime ritual. I’ve been listening to his podcast for over two years now. I wouldn’t call myself a biohacker, but I’d sure as hell call myself a fan of the idea that one can change certain things about their lifestyle to optimize their living efficiency.

Living efficiency. Wow, did I really just say that?

After years of tweaking my diet and trying extreme workout methods, I came to a conclusive mantra that, in life, the simpler way is best. But when it comes to biohacking, specific scientific ideas appeal to me.

I don’t remember which Bullet Proof Radio, Dave Asprey’s podcast, episode I listened to that first made me aware of the dangers of EMF frequencies our phone radiates and how putting your mobile device on airplane mode alleviates your body of those harmful rays; even if just for the night. I could probably look it up, but that would mean more time for my laptop to emit radiation onto my lap. Actually, I believe the guy being interviewed creates a laptop case that protected your lap, and in which case your lady, man, or gender non-conforming parts, from the insidious rays being emitted by our phones. I could probably use that...

His argument was compelling.

Go figure; I am easily persuaded by someone providing information that benefits their sales. There I go; just take all my money.

Four months have passed since I started switching my phone to airplane mode before I go to sleep. Upon further research regarding electromagnetic radiation for this article, those four months may have been based on sensationalism.

The research on health effects in regards to radiation on human health is less than compelling to make one think they need to worry. I’m sure more studies will be published as more companies tote their innovative EMF microwave safes.

My point is: I started this nighttime habit as a result of my gullible personality and willingness to do what it takes to optimize my health.

Without questioning the information I heard, I quickly jumped on a health trend with little statistics to back it up. I’m definitely not the only person blindly diving into a trendy new wellness topic. In fact, most people aren’t even sure how to find research or read studies online.

My thoughts on this phenomenon of quick-forming opinions without one’s own research are for another article. It’s not even where I intended for this article to go but, alas, here I am ending the article a bit surprised that I was so easily duped.

With that being said, I’ll probably continue with my nightly airplane mode ritual. Better safe than EMF-caused cancer sorry.

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