Writing in High School vs Writing As An Adult

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High School Self: I wonder if my teacher will notice I made the margins .25 of an inch bigger on the top and bottom of my essay.

Adult Self: “The limit is only 3,000 words?? What is this madness?”

High School Self: The woman walked to her car

Adult Self: The effervescent young vixen strolled gallantly to her 2017 eco-friendly vessel that would take her to an ever-awaiting new life filled with opportunities

High School Self: No one actually cares about plagiarism.

Adult Self: *Questions ability as a writer because in a world where everything has been said, how does one depict their idea without sounding blasé??*

High School Self: What’s the point in describing the theme of How to Kill a Mockingbird?

Adult Self: Depicts the intricate impacts of green juice culture in Los Angeles in a 2,600 word thought piece on Medium

High School Self: 1,000 words?? This is going to take me all night!

Adult Self: Wow, 2,000 words already? Feels like I just started 5 minutes ago!

High School Self: I have no ideas.

Adult Self: I have a list of at least 100 ideas on the NotePad app on my phone that I add to every day and will most likely die failing to finish.

High School Self: Why would my teacher leave feedback? Who reads that?

Adult Self: “Will someone read my article? Anyone? Hello?”

High School Self: Writing sucks.

Adult Self: Writing is the core essence of my being; the window into my soul; the deepest look into my most authentic self. Without it, I would be nothing — NOTHING!

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