You Deserve To Hustle For Yourself

Kirstie Taylor
7 min readMar 30, 2019
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We’re all familiar with the idea that if we put in hard work and time, we’ll achieve the stereotypical notions of success — money, fame, and status. Work hard now, sacrifice what you must, and you will reap the rewards later.

Well, I’m calling b*llshit. We have one life on this planet and I refuse to believe that’s how its meant to be lived.

This narrow idea of hustling focuses on achieving aspects in life that shouldn’t be our top priorities in exchange for things we can’t get back — our health, time, and sanity.

For too long we’ve been told that external factors matter most to us. We’ve been tricked into glorifying the image of success as being an extravagant house filled with flashy things and having an almost celebrity-like reputation.

These are the ideas that filled our heads because of the media and entertainment. Listen to practically any hip-hop or rap song — most of them praise the concept of hustling and doing whatever you need to to make more money.

I could think of nothing worse than to work hard all my life, at a job that was unfulfilling, to then lose it all or — I’ll just be blunt here — die before I could ever enjoy my money or life for that matter.

No, I believe we need to change our idea of hustling. I love the word itself. Putting in a lot of effort isn’t the issue here — it’s what we’re putting the work into that matters.

Let’s shift the focus of our hustle from the external to the internal. We need to start focusing on what truly matters; ourselves. “Work hard, play hard” isn’t going to cut it anymore because in the end, we only have one life to live and we aren’t guaranteed any specific amount of time.

Let’s start with where we’re going wrong and why


The age-old debate: money. Can it buy you happiness?

There is something to be said about money buying stability. I’m on-board with that — without enough money and a wrong mindset, you could find yourself very stressed over trivial matters like bills and rent. A stressed life is not a lived life either.

But let’s talk about excess money, because the stereotypical idea of hustling isn’t to make enough money to…



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